Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So its only been a year. I'll just blow the dust off the ol' blog (cough, cough) and post some updates.

After the UB cheating scandal I withdrew my BR. Their MTT structure was turning to crap anyway. Annie Duke may think it's great but I think their MTTs suck now. So, I decided to try some cash games. I've dabbled in cash before but have much preferred the competitiveness of MTTs. I had $3 at Bodog and decided to see what I could do with it. To make a long story short it's currently at $96.75 after a high of $120.00. I've been 4-tabling 5/10 with it after I got to $40.00. I don't play at Bodog often but at least I've got a little something to work with now.

Oddsmaker gave me $50 free for opening an account so I've been playing cash there as well. It's now at $224.36 so I've been 4-tabling 10/25 there. I really like that site but traffic is a bit low for playing more than 4-tables, which is what I'd to do. I'd like to play nine tables but neither Bodog or Oddsmaker can do that (Bodog only allows four tables to be open) so I'm trying micros at Stars - a site I'm not fond of but since the UIGEA and the AP and UB scandals my choices are few. I put up $18.00 to 6-table 01/02. It's at $26 and change after 1k hands. I'd like to use PT at OM and Bodog but it's not compatible at OM and a handgrabber for Bodog is $50. Not worth it right now.

I'm still playing MTTs but only at Stars. But that's enough for now. I'm off to OM.

edit: Only got about 50 hands in at OM but finished up from 224.36 to 230.62.

edit 2: played the 30k at Stars. Typical crap. Went out when AQ < TT on a Q high flop. I'm really getting tired of PS. Not just bad beats but MTTs with 3,000+ players. I got in 50-60 more hands at OM. Finished with 240.29.

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